Are You Making Common Mistakes @ Neobux?

Getting direct referrals too early...
This is a common newbie mistake. You can only have directs after you have been registered for 30 days and have 100 personal clicks. We recommend that you become familiar with Neobux's FAQ. You can't play the game if you don't know the rules.

Cashing out too early...
This is another common pitfall, mostly with impatient people. In order to see if Neobux is legit, many people will earn $1.00 and then cash out. Great, you now have a whole dollar in your paypal account. That dollar should have been put towards renting referrals.

Skipping days / Quitting....
A lot of people skip days of clicking on ads, especially in the beginning. Maybe they forgot to, or maybe they're just not motivated. Whatever the reason, skipping days will slow your progress, and your game plan to wealth is delayed. The solution to this is having proper motivation. Our newsletter will provide the motivation you need to stay active. The fact that you are reading this very newsletter is proof of your dedication! All you need to do is continue to do what you do.

Not knowing what auto pay or auto renew is...
This is another problem that can be solved by simply reading Neobux's FAQ. These two concepts are crucial to account management, and knowing when to use them will save you a lot of money over time.


How To Win in ClixGrid - The Secret and Hint by Valerie

The secret to winning in the ClixGrid is to increase your odds. This does not mean you will win. It means you have a greater chance of winning.

The way to increase your odds, thereby increasing your chances of winning, is by clicking in the ClixGrid every day, the allotted amount of clicks.

Understand, the ClixGrid is a game of chance. Just like buying a lotto ticket, is chance winnings. Only thing is, you don't pay anything to try and win in the ClixGrid. The more you play, the greater your odds of winning.

There is no little men behind the squares. There is no secret winning links behind the squares. Nothing is behind the squares except for the advertisers ad link. Due to programming coding, every so often, when someone views a ClixGrid ad, at random, a winner happens!

Making designs out of the squares will not help you win......

 Clicking in any specific squares, will not help you win.......

The only thing that helps you win, is to click the total amount you can, every day. This increases your odds of winning.

HINT: Try clicking in the ClixGrid, at the same time every day. I have no idea if you will win but it makes good sense to me because it is chance relevant. Common sense, if you will.


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How much you can handle PTC sites......

Is there such a thing as too many PTCs? Have a headache managing all these accounts? Chances are, if you have more than 10 PTC/GPT/Bux sites, you are doing too much. A good balance is 5 to 10 sites. We are all tempted, at one point or another, to join as many sites as possible, hoping to make a lot of money. But realistically, it is too much for one person to handle.

Having 5 to 10 sites that you use daily is the optimum number, any more is overload. You may have to "weed out" the lower quality websites and keep only the best ones. It is a tough decision, but we all have to do it sooner or later.
Just keep the highest paying sites and ditch the least paying sites. We know that it may be hard to part ways with a PTC, especially after you put in so much time into it. But keep this in mind: if you put in so much time and are not getting results, then you need to stop! More the reason to end it now and not waste any more time.

Which sites should you join? There's no way we can give you a complete list, as there are too many PTC's out there. But we know of websites that review PTC's and we recommend using them as research starting points.

PTC Investigation has been around for many years, and is known for their brutal honesty and unbiased opinions. If you want to find out which sites are scams and which are legit, then visit this site.


A few tips for building your ClixSense by Valerie

I think the first thing you need to understand is the weedout process. There will always be people that join and do nothing. Also, peoples lives change with time. People get married, get divorced, move locations, change jobs, take a different route in their life, etc. Therefore, as time moves forward, people that join ClixSense, may not be as active as they once were. So I think it's important to promote your ClixSense as your time allows, consistently over time. Which brings me to the second thing you need to know...

Time. ClixSense has long since proven it's longevity stance. A good idea is to create pages and link your pages to each other, with information about ClixSense. Keyword those pages and make the pages content rich. If you do that, the pages will get into the search engines where they will stay forever. The longer your pages exist, the more your pages will go in the various search engines and the more likely they will rise and be found by those entering keyword specifics. Reality is, this is a no brainer for long term ClixSense members to gain referrals on the fly from time to time.

Traffic Exchanges - The thing about traffic exchanges is the fact everyone is promoting something. What do traffic exchange members want? They want advertising. I'm sure a lot of TE users enjoy clicking all day but it's certainly not my cup of tea to click just to gain credits so I can exchange for traffic. Which brings us back to the 'Time' topic doesn't it? Yep. What I prefer to do is give people what they want. In traffic exchanges, I promote....traffic exchanges. In doing so, I am giving the traffic exchange users what they want...more advertising. Therefore it's easier to gain sign ups. By building up a few solid traffic exchanges with refs, I always have credits without having to spend TIME surfing for them. Which brings me us to....

Splash Pages - I hate splash pages. I've always hated them. I'm a content person. However, there are times when splash pages come in handy and that is when there is TIMERS and the viewer is not going to spend much time reading. I'll use splash pages in areas like TRAFFIC EXCHANGES. Since I gain credits from refs surfing and from enrolling refs, I can go into the traffic exchange and enter my splash page url on a rather regular basis. A big key to splash pages is to grab the viewers eye, and make the viewer want whatever it is you got. Which also brings us to....

Autoresponders and Optins - Now I tell you something, you don't have to use an autoresponder. It's better if you do but I can tell you a little trick I did about 15 years ago that worked rather well for me. Save a message or two to a doc. On your splash page simply state, email me directly for the info and put an email address to a free email account in which you use for nothing except for that page. Every time you get an email, you'll know it is someone wanting the info. Open your doc, copy/paste your one or two messages to them. This little trick is some times better than an autoresponder since you immediately have direct email to email contact.

Text Ad Exchanges and Solo Ads - In one way, I think text ad exchanges are better now for the user than they were when they first started. Because most are not using them like they did when they first started. Still, many have members that are still members and will read the occasional solo they receive. Since yours is the occasional, less competition, you might pull in some refs which brings us to....

Subject Lines and Body Messages - A good idea is to open a doc and save it for your subject lines and body messages. In doing so you will save time because you can easily open your doc, copy the message and paste it every time you want to send an ad. Another reason it is a good idea is because you can think about the subject line and body message to create a really good one. You can review it and make sure your spelling is accurate. Who wants to join something under someone when they have bookoo typos in the message? Not me.

Blogs - Are a very good idea. However, blogs can be confusing for the viewer. It can be tough for them to locate what they want or for you to have them locate what you want them to see. Therefore, allow them to see ONE thing. Go get a free blog, focus it on ClixSense ONLY. Every few days, go to your blog and type something about ClixSense. There is plenty to type about....How you get paid, How much you can earn, How much you made this month, How the advertising works, How the free membership works, How the premium membership works, The funny thing someone said at the ClixSense forum, etc etc etc. You won't ever run out of stuff to talk about in regards to ClixSense. If you do that, here again, your blog will hit the search engines and as long as you continue to add content to your blog, it will continue to rise in the search engines and it will continue to be listed in more areas of the search engines due to your keeping it updated and due to your constant keyword content.

Social Networks - Probably one of the best places to gain referrals if you know how to go about it. I just hate when I am at a social network and I get an ad from someone I don't even know. I am like.... getta outta here! If I am at a social network and someone starts communicating with me like.... what country are you in....have you tried the cornbread recipe...I have three kids what about you.....oh I see you are on here today how was your day yesterday.... Well when I get that kind of communication I MAKE FRIENDS. I like friends don't you? Finally one day that new friend is going to ask me, where do you work Valerie? I will say, I work online. They'll say really, what kind of work do you do.....I'll say, oh I mainly do free to earn stuff....they'll say do you make any real money doing that....I'll say sure, you want to try one?

Forums - There are a lot of forums that allow you to post a link and/or advertise. Often tho, you may be barking up a horses tail if you simply hit a forum with ads. Instead, introduce yourself, let people know you are a credible person. Reply to posts. Make friends. After the people at the forum have accepted you, realize your credibility, they'll actually READ your posts, then post and tell them about ClixSense and how it works. You'll most likely get some sign ups if you do it that way instead of just signing up to a forum and posting a blatant ad.

PTC's - There are a lot of paid to click programs online today. Most are garbage. Still, credible people some times I join garbage because they don't know it's garbage. Instead of just going in and buying an ad....USE IT FIRST. See what others are advertising. Do you see any ClixSense ads? How many do you see? Is that place over-run with ClixSense ads? IF it is, you might want to think twice before purchasing. It's always best to USE a PTC Before buying. That way you'll know how it works. You'll know IF it really is working without errors.

There is never a shortage of places to advertise. By all means, don't forget about 'The Advertiser'. You may even want to create a page about the best place to advertise and place your ClixSense link and list some advertisers features, use it as a splash page and/or advertise it. Everyone in the marketing arena is always looking for advertising.

Whatever you do, remember the first paragraph above. There will be people that join and do nothing. There will be people that will be active for awhile and then become inactive. There will also be people that become full fledged premier members and use ClixSense forever. It's up to YOU to continuously spread the word and keep on keeping on. If you do that, you'll just grin when someone leaves because it is not going to hurt you....you'll have more coming in all the time, and your commissions will keep on growing.



How To Earn At Home With The Internet Marketing Affiliate Program by Ewen Chia

Do you have internet access and do you want to earn money, even at the comfort of your home? Such task is no longer impossible. In the field of internet marketing, you can earn as an affiliate. In an affiliate system, a company hires a person or another website to advertise for them. They affiliates are paid for any successful effort of bring viewers to the website of the main company. An internet marketing affiliate program is an agreement between the hiring company and its affiliates.

First, how does online affiliate marketing work? You may already have noticed that several websites host links referring other sites, like eBay or amazon.com. Every time a customer has purchased something from eBay or amazon, the host of the links the customer gets paid. Payment can either be fixed in the Pay per Click (PPC) model or commission based. Depending on the internet marketing affiliate program, there are many good offers and high commission rates.

Basically, the affiliate system has four components: The first one is the Merchant or Brand that wants the manufactured products and services be made popular. For this, the Publisher or the Affiliate is hired. The Network, which is the third component, is then used by the Affiliate to reach the Customers- the final component. Affiliates are paid if they are able to use their individual networks well such that customers see the links they posted and have visited the referred websites.

People interested on online marketing, especially those who want to begin with a very low capital, may check the web for several internet marketing affiliate program reviews and see which programs are at the top.

As a “casual affiliate” a publisher may choose, in agreement with the hiring company, from a number of marketing methods. The affiliate may engage in e-mail marketing which is directly sending newsletters, promo details and special offers through the internet. They may also work by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where they modify the content, or maybe the coding, of the hirer’s website so that it becomes high ranking in search engine queries.

Blogs can also be effectively used in affiliate marketing. There are many sites that host blogs for free, with loose terms and conditions on advertising. In blogs, one can write product reviews and post links referring to their client’s homepage. Home based affiliate marketers find this convenient. However, to make good income from blog marketing, the publisher must be keen in finding the proper niche.

The concept of niches employs the “need analysis.” The writer must choose a good spot to post his articles not just for random people to read. They want the articles to be seen the people in need of the particular product or service being offered. The publisher may also use techniques of keyword analysis in which he/she uses words that are most likely to be used in search engines.

Niches and details about them can be found in internet marketing affiliate program directories in the internet, hosted by reliable and popular sites. With the above mentioned tasks, online affiliate marketing can make a viable business and these can be the start of an advertising website development which will surely earn more profit.

Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Online by Ewen Chia

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. When it comes to the different ways of making money online, one of the most popular known is affiliate business Internet marketing online. Using this method, not only do you get access to an easy and fun source of extra income, but you also get to be in the know of different technological advances, as you become a part of the business sector of the World Wide Web. Here are three reasons why many people just simply love affiliate marketing.

It’s hassle free
First of all, if you’re choosing affiliate marketing, then there’s no need to for you worry your head over trivial things like sourcing your own product to sell on your website. All you need to do, is to look for a company that already has their own product line on offer and provide them with the service of generating more traffic for them through optimizing your website to fit what the company is looking for in an affiliate marketer partner. You also won’t have to worry about other business processes such as delivery and payment processing since the company is usually already equipped to handle those tasks as well. All you need to do is to find ways that you will be able to make more people visit your site, which will then lead to visiting their company site, and eventually purchase what they have on offer.

It’s lucrative
Second reason why many people love affiliate business internet marketing online is the potential that it has to bring in legitimate serious cash for anyone who is willing to put in the extra effort to learn what affiliate marketing is all about. The truth is that there’s simply a lot of money to be made in the world of affiliate marketing, especially if you happen to become one of the skilled ones who can handle managing different products all at the same time. Just always remember to check how much commission a company offers and how easy you think it is to sell their products before you commit yourself to becoming their full fledged internet marketer. This way, you won’t have to waste any of your time or effort on products that are already on the dead end.

It’s flexible
And since you get to work independently and within the comforts of your own home, affiliate marketing is perfect for you if you’re looking for financial and career freedom. Affiliate marketing is so easy and flexible that you can basically control when you want to work and how much you want to earn. Just by tweaking specific marketing techniques and methods that you use, you can easily manipulate your earning capacity for the week. This just proves that affiliate Internet marketing is heavily dependent on cause and effect. One slight move can easily overthrow a system that you’re working with or improve your overall earning capacity.

Now that you have a better understanding of why the affiliate business Internet marketing online industry has become one of the most popular ways to make money, it’s time to start putting what you have learned into action. If you think that this is the ideal online opportunity for you, then look up tips on how you can get started today.

Affiliate Marketing Online Promotion Techniques by Ewen Chia.

Affiliate marketing allures numerous people on a regular basis as it is the easiest way to earn money! But, you have to be a master at online promotions to generate web traffic and drive up your sales. If locating the right market is the engine of online business then generating traffic is its fuel. If you cannot generate traffic to market your product, and then be assured that even if it is the best product across the globe, it wouldn’t make sales. To increase your sales, it is important that you have effective affiliate business internet marketing online promotion techniques. Below are 5 techniques that you can use to increase your web traffic.

The first technique affiliate business internet marketing online promotion is e-mail marketing. It is still known to be the best way to promote your product. There is a saying “money is in your list”. You can easily build your list of subscribers, who would be interested in your product with the help of a splash page. A splash page is made to capture the name and email address of the visitors of your website.

Another popular method of affiliate marketing is through the online promotion. Whatever you do, remember not to spam the forum. Register on the forum as a member and you will find a signature box, you can put your affiliate link in the signature box. Post your valuable comments on the forum and get into discussions. At the end of every post, your affiliate link will appear. Find a forum that suits your product and where you can promote your product.

The most conventional method of increasing web traffic is through article marketing. This is a sure shot way to generate free web traffic. To attain success in article marketing, you have to write keyword rich articles or the review of your product. The content and keyword must be rich. You can submit these articles for free in various article directories. There you will find a resource box for the author; here you can submit your affiliate link and invite people to visit your website.

A powerful method of affiliate business internet marketing online promotion is pay per click advertising. If you desire a target specific traffic for your website then this form of online promotion must not be neglected. In this form of advertising, you would only be charged if a person clicks on the link in the advertisement. Google AdWords is the biggest pay per click ad campaign in the market today and is definitely a good way to promote the affiliate link.

Blogging is a concept which has become a serious rage these days. If you want to promote your affiliate link for free then blogging is the way to go! The advantage of blogs is that they are user friendly and also search engine friendly! You can write interesting articles about the advantages of using your product, on the blog. But, you will have to give your affiliate link from time to time. You can promote your blog with the other bloggers around you by placing comments. At the end of each comment, just give a back link of your blog.